Volume 1, Issue 3, 2020

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 - 1-12

1. Title : The Role of Asset Disclosure and Registration Law in Combating Corruption in Ethiopia: A Comparative Analysis with the Hong Kong and Rwanda Legal Systems

Authors : Diriba Adugna Tulu

 Abstract- A well-designed and structured ADR system can be used as a strong tool to combat corruption effectively and eventually lead to successful conviction of it. The main objective of this study is to comparatively analyze the roles of the ADR law in combating corruption in Ethiopia, Hong Kong and Rwanda in order to draw some best lessons and forwards the recommendations for the identified issues. To achieve the research objectives, the study employed the combination of comparative and doctrinal legal research approach. However, to substantiate the discussion and consolidate arguments, the paper also employed some relevant empirical data. Accordingly, the researcher has collected data through interviews selected purposively from FEACC, FPC and FAG. Then, the data were analyzed and interpreted to draw conclusions. Accordingly, the study reveals that Ethiopian ADR law has not comprehensively designed to combat corruption in Ethiopia as compared to the selected jurisdictions. As a result of these findings and on the basis of lessons drawn from the experiences of the selected countries, the article recommends different measures to be taken into account by the government, law enforcement and FEACC so as to enhance the effective implementation of the ADR law in combating corruption in Ethiopia.

 Keywords: Corruption, Assets Disclosure and Registration, Asset Declaration, Asset Disclosure, Public Officials, Transparency International.

2. Title : Developing a Smart Monitoring System for Refereeing Goal Setting in Football Matches

Authors : Suhaib Khalaf Albzeirat

Abstract: The problem of determining the occurrence of goals in football matches is one of the problems rooted since the inception of this game, in many cases, the referees fall into error during the arbitration in a multi-state, among these cases is ensuring the ball crosses into the goal, and to solve this problem,  a smart monitoring system for refereeing goal Setting in Football Matches was developed through modern technology, and within what is expected from the results of the application of this perception to solve the arbitration problem in this important aspect in football matches.

 Key Words: Smart Monitoring System, Artificial Intelligent (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Football Matches, Arbitration in Football Matches.

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 IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 - 19-26

3. Title : Perceptions of Snapchat as an Asynchronous Educational Discussion Platform

Authors : Gregory Rothwell 

Abstract. Snapchat is growing in popularity among college-aged users. Due to the popularity and the social nature of the application, the educational implications should be measured. This study introduces the idea of Snapchat as a potential educational application based on Uses and Gratifications Theory (UGT) and Connectivism. Participants include preservice teachers who are enrolled in a teacher training program. A survey instrument is used to measure participant perception of Snapchat as a possible instructional tool based on a comparison to traditional online discussion boards. The results of this study suggest users are not ready to embrace Snapchat as an instructional tool.

 Keywords: Connectivism; Discover feature; discussion boards; Snapchat; social media; UGT. 

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -27- 39

4. Title : Phonology Matching Algorithm to Construct Palestinian Sentiment Lexicon

Authors : B.Ihnaini, M. Mahmuddin 

Abstract. Sentiment analysis refers as computational and natural language processing techniques used to extract subjective information expressed in a text. One of the main issues of sentiment analysis on Palestinian text is the absence of resources on this dialect. Therefore, in this research paper, an enhancement toward the sentiment analysis using lexicon-based approach of Palestinian text is the main objective, where a lexicon of Palestinian Arabic Dialect (PAL) is built using the proposed phonology matching algorithm. Experimental results indicate that the proposed PAL lexicon has produced better results compared to other lexicons from the literature when tested on Levantine datasets available publicly, with a difference of 18% from the average of all lexicons, and 4% better than the second-best lexicon in terms of accuracy and F-score.

Keywords: (Arabic Sentiment Analysis), (Lexicon-Based Approach), (Palestinian Arabic Dialect).     

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -40- 47


Authors : Akingbola, O.O.,  Arije, D.N., *Dayo-Olagbende, G.O. and Ilesanmi, A.A 

Abstract.The productivity of a soil depends on the health status, which is a function of soil physicochemical properties. Tillage management and manure application have been identified as one of the factors  that affect soil physicochemical properties. In view of these, this study investigates the influence of diverse traditional tillage methods and organic fertilizer application on soil properties, to understand the sustainability of the treatments considered.The experiment was a 3x4 factorial experiment arranged in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replicates. The treatments combination involved three levels of traditional tillage practicesand four levels fertilizer. Collected data was on the following soil physico-chemical content; percentage Sand, Clay and Silt, Soil Texture, Soil porosity, Water holding capacity (%), pH, Organic matter, sodium, and Calcium. Results were analyzed with Minitab version 17, and mean separation was done using Tukey HSD Test. Results from this study confirmed the influence of different traditional tillage methods and organic fertilizer application on soil physico-chemical properties as well as the importance of poultry manure in soil structural improvement.

 Keywords: Tillage, Organic manure, physicochemical properties, soil

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -48- 56


6. Title : Formulation of Quick Response Code Dataset for Machine learning Analysis 

Authors : S. O Subairu, J. K Alhassan ,  S.M Abdulhamid, J.A Ojeniyi 

Abstract. Quick Response Code technology has made so easy many human digital transactions such as payment, authentication, advertisement, web navigation and others. This technology, despite being widely accepted because of its ease of creation, deployment and usage, has been recently a tool of personal identification theft in the hands of fraudster. Researchers in the area of application of machine learning to cyber security may find it difficulty sourcing QR code dataset. In order to fill this identified gap, a model was developed which incorporate data engineering principle to formulate QR code dataset in the form implementable on machine learning algorithm for analysis.

 Keywords:  Machine Learning, Quick Response Code, Dataset, cyber security.

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -57- 62

7. Title : The Effectiveness of Paideian Approach In Teaching Social Studies for 8 Grade

Authors : Anticamara, Rey Colin F.

Abstract. This paper aims to discover the effectiveness of Paideian Approach in teaching Social Studies 8 (World History) to the Grade 8 students in Argao National High School. To achieve the objectives the researcher started examining the academic performances of the forty (40) students in Grade 8 before and after the using the Approach in teaching the subject. For the span of six (6) months of teaching World History using the said approach the researcher culminated the study with post-test. The result was compared with that of the pre-test using T test and that it was found out to be effective. Moreover it was observed that the students’ responded a positive outlook on the affective side upon the use of the Paideian approach. The finding of the study would surely give impact to the teachers and learners in Social Studies in the K to 12 Curriculum.

 Keywords: Paideian, Pillars, Social Studies 8, Socratic Questioning.

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -63- 70

8. Title : Efficacy of Essential Oils as Management Option Against Storage Fungi of Wheat

Authors : Asela Kesho,  Alemayehu Chala, Elfinesh Shikur

Abstract. Storage fungi are among the major factors causing post-harvest deterioration of crop produce worldwide. Therefore, the current work was carried out with the objective to evaluate the efficacy of some essential oils as management options against storage fungi of wheat. For this purpose mycological analysis was carried out using 180 wheat grain samples collected from three major wheat growing zones of South East Ethiopia. Besides, five essential oils namely Rosmary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Lemongrass (Cympobogon citratus), Lavender (Lavandula anguistifolia), Palmarosa (Cympobogon martini) and Citronella (Cympobogon nardus) were tested for their efficacy against two isolates of the most dominant fungal species identified. Among the different species identified, Aspergillus flavus and Alternaria triticina were the predominant species at different locations and storage time with different frequencies. The highest fungal incidence (98.62%) was recorded after six months storage of wheat grain. All the tested oils caused inhibition of the fungal mycelium growth albeit at different rates. Lemongrass, Lavender, Palmarosa and Citronella resulted in complete fungal growth inhibition of both fungal species at the lowest minimum concentrations of 25µl per 10ml of PDA media. Similar effects were observed for Rosemary oil, when the concentration increases to the highest concentration of 1.25X10-3 (V/V). The tested oils could play an important role in reducing mycelium growth and have the potential to be used as an alternative or component in integrated storage fungi management. It is suggested that large scale screening of oils on fungal growth, mycotoxin production capacity should be investigated and confirmed with additional studies.

 Key words: Essential Oils, Inhibition, In-vitro, Mycelium Growth.

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -71- 95

9. Title : Educational Supervision and its Role on the Teacher's Efficiency in the High Elementary Schools of Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia

Authors : Amnah Hassan Dammas 

Abstract. This study aimed to identify the level of practices of the elements of educational supervision in achieving the effectiveness of teachers with the detection of the characteristics of the effective teacher from their point of view. The study population consists of 2407 female and male teachers. The questionnaire was applied to the sample of 321 teachers who are working in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia schools. The researcher prepared a questionnaire which is consisting of (94) paragraphs divided into eight areas: leadership, human relations, planning and affairs of students, assessment, scientific subject, school activity, supervisory methods. Statistical treatments were used to calculate arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentages and analysis of mono-variance and Cheve and T test using the (SPSS) program. The study found the following results: 1) Educational supervision elements perform the required practices by a percentage (97.64%), which is a fairly good ratio. 2) Responses to the extent of the elements practice of the educational supervision in the fields of study were as follows: Human relations (81.68%). Leadership (91.58%), assessment (47.75%), Student Affairs (69.23%) Scientific subject (67.27%) School activity% (60.39%), supervision (64.21%). 3) The study has shown that there are statistically differences in the practices of the elements of educational supervision to achieve the effectiveness of teachers due to gender in the field of human relations, student affairs, assessment, scientific subject, school activity and in the total areas of the questionnaire for the benefit of female teachers, while there are no differences of gender influence in the field of leadership, planning and supervisory methods. 4)The study revealed the characteristics of the effective teacher as teachers believe, these characteristics were numerous, and the researcher summarized them by four characteristics which are personal and professional, human and moral under each of which includes a number of sub-features.

 Keywords: Education, Educational Supervision, High elementary School.

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IJMSAT 2020 

1 - 3 -96- 115



Authors : Md. Mahabubur Rahman

Abstract. Implementation of International Law at the domestic level has become increasingly perplexing and sophisticated since it is sometimes difficult to determine who, in the final count, has the responsibility for applying it. It is the parties to the Geneva Conventions, which have the obligation to respect and ensure respect for the rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) contained in the Conventions. The role of international bodies, such as the ICRC, is to undertake activities to encourage and induce governments to fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with the relevant international standards; to engage governments in cooperative procedures aimed at assisting them in the implementation of internationally recognized standards and in overcoming difficulties that they may experience in that regard; and to respond to, or attempt to deal with, violations of the internationally recognized rules. Bangladesh has become party to the four Geneva Convention of 1949 in 1972. Bangladesh ratified two Additional Protocols of 1977 in 1980 and some other documents in different time. Although Bangladesh ratified Geneva Conventions, two Protocols relating to it and some other instruments compliance with those instruments are not found satisfactory. That is why the objective of this paper is to determine the status of Bangladesh in the implementation of the IHL focusing on the national efforts to ratification of different instruments on the subject matter and making legislation to comply with the obligation under those instruments.

 Key words. International Humanitarian Law, Geneva Convention, Protocol, ICRC, Bangladesh.