Volume 1 Issue 2

01/ 03/2020 : Volume 1 Issue 2. pp 1-137

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2020

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1. Title : Electron Take Different Time to Observe the Energy of Difference Photon

Authors : Saddam Husain Dhobi

Abstracts: When photon incidence on the electron, electron absorbed the energy of incidence photon, to absorb such energy electron take certain time. The absorption time for the energy for difference incidence photon is difference, for same electron. In cases of low energy photon, time taken to absorb the energy of photon is high while for high energy photon, time taken to absorb the energy of photon is less. This nature of electron lead this research work towards the composition of electron. The particle containing inside electron leads or result to form ordinary electrons.

Keywords: High Energy Photon, Less Energy Photon, Less Observe Time, High Observe Time, Composition of Electron

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2. Title : Settlements Adjoining Tin Mines in Plateau State are Exposed to Higher Concentrations of Heavy Metals

Authors : Francis Obiora Okonkwo, Benjamin Danladi, Bege Jonathan, Amos Asumpah Ibrahim, and John Barnabas Nvau

Abstract. Heavy metals are present in the environment naturally at low levels which may not be harmful to humans. Human activities such as dumping of waste, smelting, waste incineration, vehicle exhausts, agricultural waste, fertilisers, mining activities and so on has increased the levels of heavy metals in the environment. Among all the factors that increases the concentration of heavy metals, mining activity is considered as one of the most influential anthropocentric activities which results in changes in landscapes, destruction of habitats, and contamination of soil, ambient air and water, and degradation of land resources. The presence of heavy metals in the environment. Artisan tin mining activity has continued to increase in communities in Jos plateau state. This activity may be exposing heavy metals that may be harmful to humans and animals. The study aims to check the concentration of Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn) in soil, ambient air, vegetables, fish, and water samples from the mining site. The metals were also analysed in soil and air in a community close to the mining site.

Keywords: Barkin-Ladi, Exposure, Heavy metals, Mining, Plateau State, Settlements, Tin

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3. Title : The Impact of Capital Structure on the Firm’s Financial Performance (An Empirical Study on listed Industrial Companies in Jordan)

Authors : Mo’ath Reyad Mawajdeh

Abstract. This paper aims to investigate the effect of capital structure on the firm’s profitability that are measured using return on investment (ROI), the sample used is industrial sector for the companies listed in Amman stock exchange during five years (2012-2015) where data are collected from its annual reports, by use multiple regression liner at 0.95 confidence interval, we find that there is significance statistical impact of capital structure on profitability.

Keywords: Capital structure, Profitability, ROI, Industrial sector, Amman Stock Exchange, Annual Reports.

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4. Title : A Prototype of Dextran Content Record System in Sugar and Alcohol Production Using Blockchain Technology

Authors : Inacio Henrique Yano, Alexandre de Castro, Luis Eduardo Gonzales, Geraldo Magela de Almeida Cançado, and Fabio Cezar da Silva

Abstract. Dextran is a polysaccharide produced by bacteria of the genus Leuconostoc spp, which causes loss of sucrose and raises sugar and alcohol manufacturing costs, as well as reducing its quality. Therefore, it is important to control the proliferation of this bacterium, both in the sugarcane field and in agroindustry. In the field should be observed, the length of stay between cutting and transport to industry, the presence of impurities, among other factors. In industry, long storage periods should be avoided, as well as taking care of cleaning and asepsis of the mills and broth treatment tanks. The objective of this work is to record dextran content using blockchain technology because it is a distributed database suitable for applications such as this, which will track the dextran content from the sugarcane field to the production of sugar and alcohol in the industry. A blockchain database is very secure against tampering, which is another advantage of this solution.

Keywords. Ethereum, smart contract, sugarcane.

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5. Title : Potato Peel Extract as an eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Formation Water

Authors : E. M. Attia, Olfat E. Elazabawy, N. S. Hassan and A. M. Hyba

Abstract. The inhibitive effect of naturally available potato peel extract (PPE) toward the corrosion of carbon steel (CS) in formation water solution (FW) has been investigated by weight loss and open circuit potential (OCP). The results showed increase in the inhibition efficiency with increasing potato peels extract concentration up to 92.27% obtained at 25oC for a 2.5% (v/v) concentration. The results also showed the increase in the inhibition efficiency with decreasing temperature. The adsorption film of extract on the carbon steel specimen was also found to follow Langmuir adsorption isotherm. SEM and EDX studies supported the adsorption of the inhibitor over the metal surface.

Keywords. Carbon steel, Corrosion, Potato peels.

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6. Title : Self-Construction as Predictor of Pleasure Reading Among Students of University-Owned Senior Secondary Schools in Southwestern Nigeria

Authors : Florence Adeola OMOBA, 2Fadekemi O. OYEWUSI

Abstract.In the years past, students in Nigerian secondary schools were always involved in pleasure reading because they had habit of reading books when traveling in public transports or when in leisure in some other public places. During the holidays, students either buy or borrow pleasure reading materials for the holiday. The situation is different today, because students these days derive enjoyment in playing games, watching films and listening to music as against what the practice was before. Despite added advantage of information communication technology (ICT) to the promotion of pleasure reading, because pleasure reading materials, formats and opportunities have increased. This study therefore, investigated the extent to which self-construction predicted pleasure reading among students of public university-owned senior secondary schools in southwestern Nigeria. Scales used to elicit information, validated and tested for reliability using Cronbach Alpha are Pleasure Reading Scale (r = 0.74) and Students’ Self-Construction Scale (r = 0.87). Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, Pearson Product Moment Correlation, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), multiple regression analysis at 0.05 level of significance. The weighted mean of students’ responses in attitude to pleasure reading and interest in pleasure reading are 2.62 and 2.28 respectively, while average level of self-construction is 32.56. There was a high relationship between pleasure reading and self-construction. There is no significant contribution of self-construction on pleasure reading (β = -0.02). This implies that the level of self-construction cannot predict the level of pleasure reading of senior secondary school students of university-owned secondary schools in southwestern Nigeria.

Keywords Pleasure reading, Self-construction, senior secondary school students.

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7. Title : Pocket Park as an Urban Place-Making

Authors : Mohd Ramzi Mohd Hussain, Nor Fatin Diana Mohd Fazir and Nadia Aqma Zainan

Abstract. The paper presents the theoretical framework of what is the potential of a pocket park as an urban place-making. The paper is divided into three main sections which is section 1 discusses the introduction of the pocket park, which includes the definition, types and the elements that can be found at the pocket parks. In section 2, the pocket park is further elaborated as a space in an urban area, which explains the functions, characteristics and the importance of pocket park in the urban area. Section 3, will clarify what is the pocket park as an urban place-making, which explains the concept, roles and examples of activities and townscape in the pocket park for urban place-making. Based on the reviews, it is hoped that the paper will be a useful addition to the body of knowledge on the potential of a pocket park as a public realm to create an urban place-making.

Keywords: pocket park, urban place-making, the importance, characteristics.

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8. Title : Development of a Portable Mechanical Charger for Smartphones and Power Banks

Authors : Erika Naomi C. Galvan, Hanz Chloie Z. Limos, Ron Louis C. Nierva

Abstract. With the continuous advancement in technology, current smartphones have refined features that require greater power. Consequently, devices that extend battery power are needed to sustain the constant use of smartphones. Although there are power banks functioning as battery extenders, they eventually run out of charge as well (Harmalkar, et. al., 2011). A new battery extender that relies on muscle power from the user serves as an alternative source of energy during power outage or an emergency, when the batteries of devices drain. Accordingly, this study aimed to design a portable mechanical charger casing for micro-USB-charged devices such as smartphones and power banks, specifically to (1) generate a stable electromotive force of five volts (±0.2) and produce a regulated electric current of at least 300 milliamperes, (2) integrate the charger circuit into the casing design, and (3) evaluate the charging stability of the prototype within a 10-second testing time. The prototype was assembled using two components: a (1) charger circuit and (2) the casing. The charger circuit that is composed of a geared DC motor as the input for mechanical energy, an LM2596 DC-DC buck converter as the voltage regulator for the desired output, and a micro-USB connector as the connection to the device was connected to a hand crank system. The casing was designed for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Autodesk Fusion 360, and 3D printed using polylactic acid plus (PLA+) filament. Based on ANOVA tests conducted at α=0.05, the input voltages produced from rotating the hand crank system are significantly different, however the output voltages of the prototype are statistically equal. The prototype was functional as it was able to produce a regulated output voltage of 5.00 V to 5.10 V, generate an electric current of more than 400 mA and accommodate a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. For further development of the study, a hand-pressed system and lithium ion battery with a display feature on battery percentage could power the mechanical charger for easier operation.

Keywords. Mechanical charger, portable charger, phone casing, smartphones, power banks.

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9. Title : Stresses on Water Availability Resulting From Climatic Variability in Eastern Terai : A Case Study of GauradahaVDC in Jhapa District

Authors : Tara Prasad Kharel, and Ashutosh Shukla

Abstract. Gauradaha VDC in Jhapa District represents the agro-climatic condition and the farmers’ practices of crop production and management in the eastern Terai region of Nepal. This study involved analysis of records of temperature, rainfall and hu-midity at Gaide and Damak stations. The climatic variability in this study was established using analysis of observed cli-matic records of the representative meteorological stations and analysis of climate change perception of the people belonging to different socio-economic strata. The analysis of perceived variability on agricultural water availability was carried out through survey of 108 respondent households of different strata. The study identified strong correlation between climatic variability obtained from the analysis of observed climatic records and those perceived by the farmers belonging to the three categories of the households. The analysis revealed increased frequency of occurrence of extreme temperature (>280C) in the study area. The study revealed the fact that there have been decreasing trends in the amount of annual and monsoon rainfall together with the increasing trend of warming and reduction in the relative humidity of the atmosphere, which sets the condition for increased water stress one hand and increased losses of stored soil moisture on the other, thus further aggravating the water stress. This study established the fact of climate change and its impact in water availability in eastern Terai of Nepal.

Keywords. Climate Change, Water availability, Soil moisture

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10. Title : Development of the Instrumentation Unit of a Motorized Precision Planter

Authors : B. O. Soyoye

Abstract. The performance of precision planters is very important for attaining uniform seed spacing. Seed metering units of planters receive their motion from the driving wheel through various transmission members such as the chains, gears, shafts and belts. The slippery situation that do occur at the driving wheel adversely affects the performance of the metering unit. The research aimed at developing a planter whose metering wheel is totally eliminated and the entire operation could be well monitored. The DC motor incorporated to drive the metering shaft was powered by the pulses generated through the ON and OFF situations of the transistor. The planter was evaluated to determine its optimum operational conditions. The results showed that the forward speed of the planter is proportional to the rotational speed of the metering shaft. The optimum speed of the metering shaft is 45 rpm at the forward speed of 1.3 m/s.

Keywords: precision planter, seed spacing, dc motor, transistor, metering shaft, optimum speed

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11. Title : Study the Electronic Structure of AlAs Nanocrystal using the Ab-initio Restricted Hartree-Fock (RHF) formalism within the frame of large unit cell (LUC) method

Authors : Haider O. Essa

Abstract. The electronic structure of aluminum arsenide (AlAs) nanocrystals is studied theoretically using the ab-initio restricted Hartree-Fock (RHF) formalism within the frame of large unit cell (LUC) method by using Gaussian (03) program. The work is divided into two parts: core part and surface part to obtain a complete electronic structure view. The number of atoms is choosed (8) atoms for the (LUC) method, because these numbers of atoms give cubic shapes. In the Bravais unit cell, the chosen part of nanocrystals equal directions in the three orthogonal coordinates is used, which gives cubic shapes. The (001) chosen surfaces are in passivity with oxygen atoms to terminate these surfaces in z-direction. The calculations include the total energy, lattice constant, energy gap, cohesive energy, valence and conduction bands, electrostatic potential and electronic density surfaces for both core and surface parts. The results reveal that the total energy decreases with increasing the lattice constant till it reaches the equilibrium lattice constant. Surface and core parts have approximately the same lattice constant that reflects the good adherence of oxide layer at the surface. Also the results show that the electron density distribution is not equal and the electrostatic potential surface is dragged towards atoms of high electronegativity.

Keywords: Hartree-Fock (RHF) formalism, large unit cell (LUC) method, Nanocluster, Band Structure, AlAs, Core part, Energy gap.

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12. Title : A Calibrated Model of Critical Success Factors for Industry 4.0 Warehousing Performance Improvement: Insights from Multiple Case Studies

Authors : Navodika Karunarathna, Kasuni Vidanagamachchi, and Ruwan Wickramarachchi

Abstract. Warehouses enabled with Industry 4.0-driven technologies can be identified as the concept of ‘smart warehousing’ which will facilitate firms to adapt to the dynamic changes in the business environment. Although, smart warehouse concept has been widely spread across the world, it is still in its infancy in the developing countries. Therefore, there is a high necessity for conducting research in this area to explore the technology implementation opportunities. This paper presents a calibrated model for assessing the level of Industry 4.0 readiness of Third Party Logistics warehouses. This model has been developed by combining the digital maturity levels and critical success factors of warehouse performance improvement. This model was validated through an empirical study which was conducted among four leading 3PL firms. The results of this study provide valuable information for logistics service providers to improve their capabilities to cope with the dynamic future requirements.

Keywords. Smart Warehouse, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) warehousing, Industry 4.0, Warehousing 4.0, Critical Success Factors.

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13. Title : Curbing Mass Unemployment : Performance of The National Directorate of Employment (NDE)

Authors : Young Chimezirim Charles


This paper examines the performance of NDE programmes with a focus from 1990 - 2010 by examining the concept of self-employment as the solution to mass unemployment and determine the suitability of the NDE training programmes in promoting industrialization. This was with a view to establishing the general impact of NDE and its drive for employment generation in the country.

The paper adopts empirical analysis to examine the most effective method of curbing mass unemployment in Nigeria. The data used in this study is of two type’s primary and secondary data. However, for the primary data the questionnaire was used to solicit responses from the respondents. The paper revealed that before the institutionalization of NDE, we were experiencing single digit unemployment rate, but afterwards we grew to double digits. It was also established that self-employment contributes a minimal percentage on productivity and sales. This proved that an increase in the level of self-employment would result in a decrease in the level of productivity. The paper also provides useful suggestion and recommendations on how to curb graduate unemployment in Nigeria. In conclusion, the principles and strategy of graduate self-employment do not develop the technological capability needed by the trainees. Hence, they do not promote industrialization, productivity and create sustainable job opportunities. The study emphasizes planting industries, education and training as the principal learning tools for increasing employment in quantity and quality and promoting improved productivity.

Keywords: Technology Learning, Industrialization, Manpower development, Self-employment, NDE.

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14. Title : Evaluation of the Availability, Accessibility and Usage of Electronic Resources in University Library

Authors : Joshua Oyeniyi, Oluwashina Oyeniran, Lawrence Omotosho, Olajide Adebayo , Stella


Abstract. The growth of information resources has become a global phenomenon in recent times due to technological advancement in information technology (IT). These advances in information technology have resulted to comprehensive developments in higher education sector, the application of digital information in learning is an example this development. This study examines the availability, accessibility and the use of electronic resources by students in university libraries. Samples of 535 students from two universities were randomly selected, questionnaire was used to gather data for the study and the data collected were analyzed with the use of tables and percentages. The findings revealed that though all the students’ uses e-resources but only a relative few access the resources in the university library, most are not fully aware of the availability of e-resources in the university library and the available e-resources are not always accessible. There is the need for the library to increase its awareness among students and the university community on the existence, accessibility and usage of its electronic resources.

Keywords: Availability, Accessibility, Electronic Resource

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15. Title : Using Mobile Video-Conferencing to Develop Sixth Grade EFL Students’ Productive and Receptive English skills and Motivation: The Case of Jordan

Authors : Ibtisam Ali AbuKaff

Abstract. This paper investigates the effectiveness of using mobile as one of the most effective tools for teaching English as foreign language in two domains: productive and receptive skills and motivation among Jordanian non-native EFL students. This study aims at answering the following research questions: To what extent do Jordanian EFL students use their mobile phones to develop the productive and receptive skills? What are Jordanian EFL students’ attitudes towards using their mobile phones in learning English? The sample of the study consists of twelve female students, who study English as a foreign language, at Almufaradat basic school for girls during the first semester of the academic year 2019-2020. The sample of the study will be divided into two sections: Section (A) it will consist of 6 students and it will be assigned as an experimental group, while the other group which will be decided to be a control group and it will consist of 6 students. Data will be collected with eight weeks via pre-posttests. The experimental group students will study using mobile phone technology, while the control group will study using regular method of teaching English. Results showed that the experimental group who were taught using mobile phones got higher results than the control group. The researcher concluded that mobile phones can develop students’ productive and receptive skills and motivation. Additionally, the experimental group students had positive attitudes towards using their mobile phones in learning English. The researcher recommended Ministry of Higher Education hand in hand with the directorate of Curricula should accompany the main English textbooks with mobile phone programs that enable pupils to learn foreign language authentically. Additionally, there is a need for more mobile software to teach other language components and skills. Therefore, methodologies and curricula designers should put more emphasis on using mobile phone technology in teaching English through including more exercises and activities to teach other language skills to develop students’ language skills and mental growth.

Keywords: Mobile, EFL student, regular teaching

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16. Title : Valence Shifter Rules for Arabic Sentiment Analysis

Authors : B.Ihnaini, M. Mahmuddin

Abstract. Sentiment analysis refers as computational and natural language processing techniques used to extract subjective information expressed in a text. In this sentiment analysis study, three main valence shifter words are addressed: a) Negation, b) Intensification, and c) Contrast words. Handling valence shifter words were not thoroughly addressed in Arabic sentiment analysis. Therefore, this paper aims to construct a new valence shifter rules in order to enhance the performance of lexicon-based sentiment analysis on Arabic text. To achieve the objective a set of rules are proposed to handle the valence shifters words by applying rules to find the scope of words, and shifting value that is produced by these words. Several datasets and lexicons from the literature are used to evaluate the proposed idea. Experimental results indicate that applying the proposed valence shifter rules have increased overall performance of 5% on average. Taking into consideration that the percentage of texts that include valence shifter words is less than 18%, it is clear that the 5% of enhancement is a significant improvement of lexicon-based sentiment analysis on Arabic text.

Keywords: (Arabic Sentiment Analysis), (Lexicon-Based Approach), (Valence Shifters).

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17. Title : The Methodology of Developing Art Education Curriculum Using Multiple Intelligence Theory

Authors : Samer Jamil Ahmed Al-Qaralh , Ayman Ayed, Roqaya Naji Ismail Al-Dais


The Arts Education Curriculum duffer deficient of coping with increasing development in the other education curricula, there for, the is a need to view development in the other education curricula to cope with modernization and development, the multiple intelligences theory is one of the method through, which several education curriculum were developed. This study aims to assign a method for developing art education curriculum through the multiple intelligence theory, this methodology includes assigning clear steps to implement the development methodology in arts education curricula in general.

Keywords: Arts education, development of education curricula, Multiple intelligence Theory